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Finding Power In Individuality: In Conversation With The Stunning Alina Rai

by Aadhya Venkatesh

May 12, 2022

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Actor and social media fame Alina Rai is a model and fashion influencer. With a desire to be unique and stand out as an actor, she believes that leaving a mark on the industry is challenging but not impossible. She loves the work she has been doing and believes in taking baby steps towards achieving her goals.

Being a part of Bollywood has been a welcoming and enriching experience for her. Having worked on Badshaah's video most recently, Alina highlights the experience as a dream come true. She was incredibly excited about working with him and has been a massive fan of the artist and his work. She enjoys her work in the industry and is letting her acting career take her, "Wherever it may, it's a beautiful journey, and I'm just enjoying it".

Inspired by icons such as Kim Kardashian, Alina truly appreciates her keen sense of fashion and lauds Kim for breaking and setting incredible boundaries. She wishes to collaborate with brands such as L'Oréal as a nostalgia factor accompanies the brand. "These brands remind me of when I first discovered makeup and the excitement and pleasure I got from going into a makeup store and trying on samples".

Alina wishes the youth to "keep smiling and spreading love and positivity" in our world. She believes in being uniquely authentic and urges everyone to appreciate themselves for who they are as individuals.

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