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In An Earnest Colloquy With Patricia Contreras

by Anushka Sharma

10 April 2023

Patricia is most definitely an au naturel when it comes to acing the realm of fashion, art and beauty. Here’s us, encapsulating a bit of her life that she shares with us in much fondness. 


How are you? How’s life going?

I am glad to share my path today with your community, it is an honor to be here to talk about my life. Everything  is going very well, I have a lot of meetings, trips, and interesting people to meet. I am grateful with life for all the paths I am living, if I imagine all I am living today is exactly what I dreamt about when I was a child.” Well, it indeed is a rarity to be doing what you’ve always wished to do indeed! 

When asked about Beauty, fashion, art: If she could pick one and only one of these, what would it be and why? 

I am an artist, and expressing my creativity everyday is a must for me, I have always dreamed of having big collaboration with big brands like Vuitton, or with brands that align to my vision and moto in life, to reply to your question, I can’t choose one topic is just the way I can express and create something that drives my purpose everyday.



We’ve been loving your fashion looks lately. Do you have any unpopular facts you’d want to share with us about the fashion weeks you attend?

Style is the most important for me, not only in clothes but in everything I do, since I was a kid I always wanted to add my personal touch to everything I do.  I have worked with many stylists and my style has grown through the years, I had experimented every single possible style with clothes, hair and makeup, I think I have tried it all and now I am focusing to develop a street - high fashion style, in my opinion is what is working now, we came to an era that everything is mixed now, we have to adapt everyday, I am open to collaborate with new brands, is part of my job. I love to experiment. If I can give advice, it is to not be afraid to experiment, or to not try to fit in the box, go far away from your comfort zone.


If not in this industry, where else would you see yourself?

I see myself in the United Nations or inside a laboratory experimenting  new ways to improve health, DNA issues, I am a geek inside of me, I just love to learn and study. Well, this definitely brought a smile to our face! How rare is it to see such a bewitching combination! When asked about what inspires her art, she says, “My art is inspired by cinema icons, fashion legends, art movements during the time, everything that make an impact on society, art is the most powerful way to express the evolution of a society, art is power and is the ultimate luxury to manifest a position.”


Patricia dons a lot of hats at once. We couldn’t help but ask where she sees herself ten years from now, to which she replied,”I do not  make plans that long term, but certainly I would like to have the opportunity to create collaborations with fashion brands, make up brands,  having my own talkshow, I will let life to surprise me, maybe life can change dramatically, who knows.” 


Which designer do you look up to in terms of haute couture?

I admire and follow designers who know how to enhance the woman, who can magnify her beauty, I can list my favorite ones lately, Valdrin Sahiti, Georges Hobeika, Rick Owens, Dolce and Gabbana, Zuhair Murad, JeanPaul Gaultier, Carolina Herrera, Oscar de la Renta,  I think all of them know how to catch the true essence of a woman, there are so many out there, but I just love these ones.


Have you ever considered exploring the Indian fashion industry?

I have always been very curious about the Indian market. I admire and share their millenary culture, I have many Indian friends and it is my dream to explore India one time on a long trip. I love their cinema too and the people, very warm and kind. About fashion I only know Manish Arora that I used to assist at his show in Paris.


At what age did you start involving yourself into the world of art?

I was born an artist, I think art is a path that either you born with it or not, you can’t learn this, you have to born with it, since I was 3 I was already painting, everything I was doing was creative, I knew since the beginning that I was not like the rest of my class, I always feel different, the only thing I was interested in was drawing, painting, or plastic classes, I even wonder why I didn’t just did that, I need time to find myself too, I guess.



What is art to you?

Art for me can be everything, is the way you see and follow your life, the biggest artists are people who truly lived their life through it, there is no in between, you have to let it kill you and express from it, it can sound very dramatic but it can be obsessive, when I used to have my atelier I was consumed by it, I didn’t want to leave, I could eat and sleep in front of my paintings, I had dreams about what I should create, was crazy, is like your loose  the meaning of time, hours, days, nothing matters anymore but to take out what is inside of you.


What does your art revolve around?

My art sparkles joy, fashion, sensuality, love and femininity. It is a tribute to women and how we had evolved through history, through the men's vision, and how powerful we are today, because the world now revolves around women.


Can we know a little about your new projects?

“I would like to crate an apparel brand, that can extend on the years, as I mentioned above to have my talk show, many things can happen, I will update you accordingly.”

Well, we’re not sure of being updated about her ongoing and upcoming projects, but this conversation has definitely refreshed our perspective in understanding how one can do it all indeed!