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In Conversation And More With Payal Ghosh

by Anushka Sharma

March 11, 2023

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Accompanied with a vivacious personality and an appealing charm, Payal Ghosh is a class apart indeed. In a candid take on her life’s trajectory with us, we uncovered a lot that lies under the layers. Speaking of when she got her first break, she said, “I was just 17 when I got my first opportunity. I wasn't even out of college yet, I just went to accompany a friend to an audition and  I got a movie Prayanam directed by a National Award winning director Mr. Yeleti. It was a fantastic experience.” 

Getting an opportunity at the age of 17 is definitely a God’s given bliss! Speaking of how she would describe her experience working in the South as well as Bollywood, she talks to us about how different the overall outlook is. She states, “They both are different. Down south they do a lot of pre-production work. This is not to say that Bollywood doesn't, but it's more abundant there. The shoots are also wrapped sooner down south. Bollywood is a different ballgame. The audience is wide and you are critiqued for everything that you do. 

As we unfurled a few topics on which one of her works is closest to her heart, she tells us that she cannot choose or pick a single project! “All of them. I can't differentiate between them. They are like my babies. I’ve worked so much that no work is big or less for me, I loved all my work and every artist should love every work of theirs.”

Art is all about nourishing a metaphorical baby that feeds off your talent, after all! Speaking of her upcoming projects, she states, “One of them is Red which is completed with Krishna. It's a thriller. I have started working on "Shaque the doubt" which is also a thriller. The shooting commences in London soon. 

I’ve many more projects coming up to surprise the Audience and my fans.” 

When we asked Payal about this one piece of advice for the girls who are keen to join the industry, she tells us, “Be bold, be yourself and don't take the shortcut route. If you work hard enough for your dreams you'll surely make it. There is enough room for talent. Believe in yourself.” 

However, acting isn’t all that she’s known for. Payal has some slick sense of dressing as well. When asked about her fashion mantra, she tells us the key to knowing it all: Being yourself in whatever you wear, with confidence and happiness, only to never go wrong with it! 

As the conversation divulged into the topics of mental health, she has a rather interesting take on the entire subject. She states, “Do start with a goal for your mental health content. ...

Do use credible sources. ...

Do include the details on how to get in touch with professional help. ...

Don't limit people's identities to their mental health.” 

Speaking of her views on body positivity, she tells us, “All body types are beautiful and deserve acceptance. Body positivity is guided by the understanding that feeling positive and accepting of appearance can improve mental health, reduce the risk of eating disorders, and allow someone to function at their best.

Needless to say, this interview with Payal Ghosh was indeed a refreshing take on life, Bollywood and perspectives in general. 

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