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Lana Scolaro: Breaking Barriers In The Male-Dominated Music Industry

by Anushka Sharma

March 2, 2023

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Lana Scolaro, a rising star in the electronic music scene, has been breaking barriers in the male-dominated industry since she first stepped behind the decks. Hailing from Ibiza, the birthplace of electronic music, Lana's passion for music began at a young age. She played the cello and keyboard and was surrounded by DJs and music every summer. This exposure sparked her interest in pursuing a career as a DJ.


In an industry where men dominate the scene, Lana faced some challenges as a female DJ. Some venues and people did not take her seriously due to her ultra-feminine style and look. However, Lana did not let this deter her from achieving her dreams. She persevered, constantly producing music, and releasing at least one song a month. She also participated in podcasts, interviews, and radio shows, always looking for new sounds to keep her relevant in the industry.

As an artist, Lana has a unique vision that she balances with the demands of the music industry and her fans. Currently, she is incorporating her creative vision in the digital metaverse, where she has created her own dream house that is already in the NFT Oasis. This way, her music can be displayed, and fans can watch her in concert in the digital world. Lana is continuously evolving, and her creative vision is evident in her work.


Throughout her career, Lana has been influenced by several artists, including Solomun, Santiago Garcia, Rami Bedouin, and Luciano, whom she watched perform in Ibiza. However, Gwen Stefani is the artist she looks up to the most. She adores Gwen Stefani's music, and she loves her style. Lana relates to the emotions that go into Gwen Stefani's songs and finds her inspiring.

Apart from music, Lana loves painting and producing short animation projects. If not a DJ, she would have chosen to be an actress or a painter. When asked about her advice to aspiring female DJs, she encourages them to keep practicing and mixing on CDJs. She also advises them to put their music out on SoundCloud, YouTube, and every platform possible to be heard. Showcasing your music and getting feedback from fans is crucial to success.


Touring and traveling can be challenging, but Lana manages to balance her personal and professional life with four phones. One of her most memorable performances was at the Texas Road to Nowhere Festival. It was her first time in Texas, and she was not supposed to play, but her good friend Chanel West Coast put her on stage and let her perform her single "Rick Ross."


Lana envisions the future of the music industry as a digital metaverse, where people can watch her DJ in the virtual world. Her current and future projects include collaborating with brands in the fashion industry, producing a unique track with a male artist, and working on a new collection for her jewelry line LS Diamonds. With her drive, creativity, and passion for music, Lana Scolaro is sure to make waves in the industry and continue breaking barriers for female DJs.

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