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Ramandeep Kaur, Charmingly Dauntless

by Aparajita Jaiswal

September 23, 2022

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It is always natural to feel extremely proud of the new self created out of the previous portions of ourselves! One such person with extreme sense of pride stands to be Ramandeep Kaur! Being a part of the Punjabi industry makes you extremely filled with energy in spite of the obstacles. Speaking of which, the gracious actor talks about her journey, mentioning, "I began as a manager in a salon and opportunities were presented naturally, quite willingly by others and situations supported those opportunities and I was fortunate enough to take advantage. It has been a passion of mine, all my life."

Talking of obstacles, one doesn’t always get what she/he wants. "I prefer to perceive rejections as challenges, motivating me to do better," the actress says, gracefully. The very thought of making it huge in spite of rejections, hypes one up. In a creative field such as acting, it is a regular roller coaster where every artist goes through rejections and fame.

The journey of fame deals with the public eye and staying grounded is very important. Ramandeep comments when asked how she deals with fame, "I stay humble." The very essence of the Punjabi film industry and the anticipation of where it is leading excites the audience. "I feel the Punjabi industry is on the way up, it is getting more worldwide exposure and I am excited to be a part of it," says the actress.

Speaking of the industry, the reader often gets mesmerised by what they observe on social media. When asked about the trends that she rejoices in, her confidence peaked as she exclaimed, "I am the trend on social media." Ramandeep Kaur expresses her inspiration to be the humble blockbuster star, Diljit Dosanjh. While getting inspired in all ways, Ramandeep comments on her love for fashion. "I love fashion and I follow all trends to ensure I am always on top of it." Fashion brings in a lot of stereotypes attached to it as interpreted by society, majorly associated with body shaming and fitness. However, being an actress it's perceived differently, "I understand that the world is becoming diverse and is allowing people of all shapes and sizes to share the spotlight. However, I myself attend the gym regularly to maintain my figure."

To stay on top, in both, one's professional and personal life, is a big deal. Thus to mark the lines between reel and real life for an actor is even more tough! "I stay in character on set and on only on set, I never take my character home with me. My personal life is a completely separate entity from my work." This actually is difficult to fathom for the readers as the work she engages in all seem so perfectly put, however, that is what would also make a rising beauty, like her, such a great actress! "My work does not affect my personal life as I try to be professional to all extents, taking my personal life seriously and looking after it as closely as I do for my career."

As the audience looks forward to her engaging them in more of her films, it is also interesting to have a glance at her perspective. The career of every actor brings her to different roles and it is quite obvious to be biased to one or having regrets in having played a certain character. However, for Ramandeep, there are no regrets in the roles she has enacted. "I am proud of all the characters I have had the opportunity to play."

My work does not affect my personal life as I am a professional and take my career very seriously!
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