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Spring Of Glitz & Glam

by Naisargi Devdher

August 27, 2022

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In the midst of monsoon receiving a cup of hot tea is like reviving life on every corner of your stick nerves. Well, that’s exactly what Soniya Bansal seems to be presently grooving warmer than the cosy cover of your winter bed. From candidly being vocal about late teens and being surrounded by artists to her FASHION CUTS, it seems to be welcoming a new season of her in this article !!!

From getting termed as an outsider to being recognised as a ‘Pageant’ the journey is filled with boundaries that need to be crossed over, these takes her through variety of experiences. “Experiences are not just to be categorized as really exuberating or bitter to face. I don’t actually take all of it very personally overloading it on my bosom, as it depends on how audience perceives a woman’s aura and character to be. Anyways, it’s now that I fathom the truth in various manners. Being a fresher, the experiences, however, were horridly cold as only response to inquiries made was meeting up people from various groups on being suggested to running doors for work. That’s the major difference today when I have work no one actually suggests meeting up rather they just walk up to my door with work in hand!”

From engaging in moves to modelling for path breaking magazines and finally grooving the media for her very particular sense of fashion, she has blazed all the roles. Being a woman there are several words said directly or non-verbal language indicated to showcase certain level of discrimination, all of which are setbacks for an artist and that woman in particular. To which she simply smirked and nodded, continuing to express, “Being completely honest not just being a woman but a self-born star in this industries, I have faced several such questions and allegations that made me lose self-esteem and majorly I wanted to quit the industry. It was then when I realised that whatever field it be, the domination of pre-existing groups is extremely common. Then why should I digress from a field that I am already excelling in because certain mass number that doesn’t want to alter their perceptions! So I decide to move on with it.”

Laughing over all of the jokes she gracefully said, “Knowledge is the key to every action of your life. Thus education is must.” In continuation she added, “I perused Master of Arts in Psychology, giving me liberty to understand people around observing artists around simply driving the motivating force within to act and become a model. There were no definite plans; it was just that I finally found what I am born for!!” The firm belief that she has in evolution of ideas from childhood to adulthood simplifies life when she exclaims, “It’s not necessary that all that we aspire to become as a child falls in our way like flowers in the path of Buddha! Those aspirations are going to change and we should welcome all our might because we do it for our personal profits!!!”

Finding this thought queer and willing to converse about the numerous shifts it always wonderful to exaggerate the way she simply juggles between work life and personal life. To comment on which she put across the thought, “When I am active with my closed ones, I have the ability to survive a sinking ship. If one isn’t active in her personal life then how will she be active in her professional life? That’s the basic necessity to kick-off a career in an industry like ours. If one doesn’t have brain power then the other aspects just seem foggier than snow ranged mountains leading to vision and thoughts of self that aren’t visible clearly to people, they start despising you completely ending up in a cycle of regrets!”

Mentioning about family, the society at large agrees that, nepotism to say has a magnanimous role in the industry. Soniya on the other hand, stands staunch in the industry today, neither has she had any Godfathers in the industry nor does she have any family member reaching the industry. In these circumstances in her accordance, there is always a need to have someone surrounding a fresher to support. The need arises from the past events of her life. She never had anyone to guide her way through to what acts to perform or work to look for, she had no option other than to work however talking about this day she knows the alternatives with all ends due to the life events, mistakes as well the success that she has achieved. Thus reinforcing, “The industry of films and theatre is an extremely difficult one to survive in!” However, only a fighter can survive through when one keeps struggling even when she has projects in hand because the fate can never be trusted, she might end up with zero projects one morning unknown of where to begin from or sometimes just clueless of audience’s approval of the work performed.

The audience, however is a judge to everything, they also are variable deciders of schemas of body images that an industry portrays. Soniya, a fitness enthusiast elaborated on complete essence of work outs. “Due to work loads and several shifts, I do skip gyms for a day or certainly for a week if nothing progresses well, however, the moment I resume the sessions of muscle enhancers, I assure myself of stretching my limits to the farthest extent possible to cover up what I missed out on. This is also what makes me mentally fit as I am not worried about my health or overcoming injuries in general. As they say ‘A FIT BODY TRACES A FIT MIND’!! However, there is no assumed connection of body image and acting skills. For me at least, any person can act without having to worry about people body shaming him. That’s exactly what makes differences in tackling the negative outburst of audience. I believe in tackling such negative outbursts on meeting the critic rather than just a distinct criticiser who I probably would never even meet because that man sitting in some random corner of another city has no clue regarding my life. Particularly that is why for me, fashion is something that is classic and unique to me but also at the same time comfortable for me rather than revealing attire wore to impress the audience largely.”

The simplicity with which she spoke about all of it is very similar to the simplicity with which she enacts a character. These characters have different underlying psyche, to acquire a role of those, she never utilises any substance that might justify the character however impact her negatively. Thus for her all roes hold equal importance and never does she take back the role with her. This congruence of her with the work life makes the reader flabbergast over so much about her choices and inspirations. “For me one actor I admire the most and always will is Shah Rukh Khan.”

One might imagine what she carries along since childhood if she admires the legend Badshah since 90s’. No eye tear can be as magical as her innocent and honest words when she narrates, “I remember my dad explain me ‘BE WHOEVER YOU WISH TO, BUT NEVER LIE OR HURT ANYONE IN THE PROCESS OF BECOMING WHOEVER!!”

Being humane none can resist but ask her to inspire youth being a role model not only because of her work and performances but also because of her intellect and temperament. “You know the youth needs to understand that Deepika Padukone has done critically acclaimed films to reach a state of worthiness and so has Ranveer Singh. He goes bare clothes for a shoot doesn’t actually mean the follower too should for gaining fame. That’s not how it works. Walk and act according to the situation. That makes them what they are. It will be the same for you too!”


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