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The Best Of Both Worlds With Deepti Sadhwani

by Anushka Sharma

May 6, 2023

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There is a lot that meets the eye when it comes to Deepti Sadhwani. From being an investment banker in London to finally realising a niche that she has always been interested in, it wasn’t until long that Deepti Sadhwani opened her own production company and got into the realm of music albums, TV, and a lot more.


When asked about whether she’d prefer singing or acting, she couldn’t help but find it hard to choose! “Being good at both will always give one an edge above the rest of the competitors. Hence, I’d love to be great at both.” 

We asked Deepti about who inspires her the most in the realm of music, to which she replied, “Lata Ji has always been a favourite. She has contributed so much into the realm of music, and is synonymous with the Gods of music. Sonu Ji has always been a dear friend and an inspiration to me. In live singing, one can’t ever imagine him miss a beat.”


Well, we couldn’t agree more! Speaking of where she sees her career to be headed in the next five years, Deepti tells us that she seeks to ace the events on a global platform and get international recognition. 

There isn’t much Deepti wishes to change much, considering how both the industries are so dynamic, I just feel that there should be ample chances given to newcomers. They should be welcomed with more openness. 

When asked about a memory that’s etched in her memory, she fondly recalls how she was crowed as Ms. North India amidst her family, which also helped her get a glimpse into the world of glamour.  

We didn’t want to wind the interview without something spicy. When asked to pick between Bad Boy Shah and Diljit Dosanjh, Deepti was quick to not be partial! She tells us, “I’ve already been a part of a project with Baadshah, and he’s a dear friend. I’d now love to collaborate with Diljit!” 

We love how versatile Deepti is. From being dynamic in the genres she is into to being open to a host of new projects in the future, it’s empowering to see her live and thrive through her passion.

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