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The Saga Of Saloni And The Rise Of GulaboJaipur

by Anushka Sharma

March 8, 2023

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As each year passes, the world meets with more and more wins for women, and our nation is no exception to this phenomenon. From women being able to receive the accolades in various industries to witnessing them being employed in the rural part of India, this Women’s Day, we’re just happy to have come this far. To have reached corners and nooks that this nation has treasured since time immemorial. 


Narrating a tale as old as time(10 years ago), There once existed a brand that believed in building itself through embracing the heritage and craftsmanship of Rajasthan. It believed in exuding the best of Jaipur in particular, and soared high enough to carve a niche in the hearts of some Bollywood biggies. While the tale doesn’t end here, there’s a lot to catch up on GulaboJaipur

GulaboJaipur is so much more than a successful brand in today’s times. It represents how Saloni, the founder, saw the world of indigenous fashion through rose tinted glasses, and materialized all that she had once envisioned for her brand. 


If we take it long, long ago, it was Saloni’s mother who believed in her eye for design and gave her the capital to start the business. Needless to say, the capital has been wonderfully utilized and multiplied in paramount ways. 

GulaboJaipur has been casting its magic over the masses ever since its inception. It’s been 10 years since the brand gained momentum, and beautifully so, hasn’t stopped since. 

Situated in a region of India which is heavily diverse in beauty, customs and traditions, Saloni wanted to do more than just extract the cultural and aesthetic segment of Rajasthan. Along with curating some beloved pieces which were later cherished by Kareena Kapoor and various other celebrities of taste, she was also empowering the women of Rajasthan by offering them employment.

“I try to employ more and more artisans from all parts of Rajasthan, such as Bagru, Sanganer, and many more. Each village in Rajasthan is different and each sub-region defines differences in craftsmanship. I also believe that women can live with more pride if they are financially independent.”  - Saloni


As something noteworthy that the brand has experienced in these few years, Saloni recalls how she jumped with joy when she had received an email from the Pataudi Palace. The email expressed Kareena Kapoor’s keen interest in shopping for maternity wear from GulaboJaipur. That incident played the role of a good luck charm in the business which later flourished amidst a lot of celebrities. The key-takeaway in this entire process of fashion stardom was how the brand was loved, appreciated and admired for its core values and design. 

As a brand that has existed for more than ten years, we didn’t expect Saloni to remember much about her very first collection. To our surprise, she has a vivid memory of every scaled-down detail of her first collection, from launching Anarkalis with broad gotta patti to her velvet scarves. If this doesn’t make one believe in the essence of a brand being the founder’s baby, we don’t know what will! 

Saloni also recalls how GulaboJaipur was earlier marketed and managed in terms of its sales by Saloni’s husband, and he indeed took the business to new, scalable, virtual heights. 


But do you know what differentiates GulaboJaipur from the multitude of labels that exist out there? Nothing. The sheer beauty of this brand is how it embraces everyday wear with so much grace and grandeur. Saloni puts it perfectly, “I believe in making clothes that are very sadabahar and can be worn anywhere and everywhere.” Well, she clearly has mixed a lot of chic-essence in these Sadabahar attires, and we indeed love every bit of it! 


Saloni’s saga of the revival of indigenous fashion in the most effortless way possible is worth admiration. Her story inspires and celebrates women on a similar rhythm. While the individuality and confidence with which she reigns her brand teaches us a lot about how it ultimately results in believing in oneself, her success as a fashion designer celebrates how a woman cherished her roots in her work at all times and yet took over the world by a storm! 

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