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Winemaking in India started around 5000 years ago! Yes, you read it correctly. Wine culture is as ancient as 5000 long years in India. Yet it is fascinating to see the craze about wine consumption amongst us even at the present day! Nashik is the Wine Mecca of India, if you are a wine lover then you must be aware of this fact!

Now, let us jot down the top 5 wine vineyards of India that have grown over the years and attract a good number of wine lovers from across the country.

  • Sula Vineyards (Nashik): This is a winery and a vineyard in Nashik which is located 180 km northeast of Mumbai. Rajeev Samant founded Sula Vineyards in the year 1999. One great thing about Sula vineyards is that they use grapes from their vineyards. Sula vineyard is beautifully spread over 2000 acres of land and it comes with restaurants, tasting rooms, amphitheatre, and spa in their resort. The resort was established in 2015! What does Sula vineyard offer you? You get to take a long tour at its’ Nashik vineyards and apart from tasting the different types of wine, you can also learn about the wine manufacturing methods and all along you get a wine expert to describe you the details.

  • Grover Zampa Vineyards (Nandi Hills, Karnataka): Very recently two of the renowned vineyards merged namely Grover Vineyards and Vallee De Vin. This vineyard comes right after Sula vineyards. You can take a tour of this beautiful vineyard which is spread over 300 acres as well! There are wine tasting rooms, barrel rooms. They boast the international techniques of making wine and they believe that their wine is made of grapes which in turn depicts the terroir. They boast quality over quantity when it comes to wine production.

  • Chateau d’Ori (Madhya Pradesh): This vineyard covers 200 acres of area and this vineyard is simply luxurious! It flaunts 3 man-made lakes for doing water sports, a luxury farmhouse with jacuzzi, swimming pools, and wine tasting lounges. One amazing factor about this vineyard is that they take the agenda of ‘save nature’ seriously and hence use windmills to generate power!

  • Fratelli Wines (Maharashtra): Fratelli wines came into existence in the year 2007 and they exclusively manufacture Indian premium wines. This is India’s largest privately owned wine estate of 240 acres. This wine vineyard tour is going to be a treat to the eyes because it is compared with European vineyards with pleasant weather and a vibrant atmosphere.

  • York Winery (Nashik): York winery is situated in Nashik and recently it has won many awards for bringing a few new varieties of wine. This winery offers a wine tasting room and restaurants where you can order the dishes that will complement the kind of wine you are willing to gulp down for the day!

Now that you are having an exquisite list of wine vineyards, you can choose one (or maybe two) and head straight towards that vineyard and sip in some nice wine while watching sunsets.


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L'utopia Magazine - 101 Influencers Of The Year 2023_Page_001_Image_0001.jpg


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