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by Tanya Gupta

13 August 2022

Chocolate is one of the most favourite sweet of people. Whether it's a kid or an adult , can never say no to a chocolate. However, chocolate as we see today in various shapes, sizes and flavours was a bitter drink when it was discovered.

When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile. - Regina Brett

It was discovered 4000 years ago in Mexico. Mexicans were the first ones to recognize the value of cocoa seeds in the Amazon forest.They believed that they were the gifts of the God of Wisdom . That time chocolate was served as a bitter liquid brewed from cocoa seeds and mixed with spices . The Mexicans passed on their knowledge to the Mayas. They not only consumed cocoa beans but also used them for transactions.

Mayan chocolate was much more thicker and combined with honey or water along with spices.The Aztecs liked drinking chocolate in a cold form. In Spain, chocolate was prescribed by doctors to cure fever, aid in digestion and as a painkiller.

In 1828, the cocoa press was invented which squeezed cocoa butter from cocoa beans, resulting in the formation of fine cocoa powder.The powder was then mixed with liquids and molded to form hard solidified chocolates which we eat today.

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