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by Tanya Gupta

16 August 2022

The word 'sushi' refers to the sour flavour of the vinegared rice. It is a staple rice dish of Japanese cuisine and it is served cold. It consists of cooked rice flavoured with vinegar and a variety of vegetables, egg or raw sea food. Japonica or Indica rice is used to make sushi. It is rich in starch which makes it very sticky. It can be easily moulded to make sushi or eaten by chopsticks.

Making sushi is an art and experience is everything. - Nobu Matsuhisa

Apart from being one of the most popular dish in the world, Sushi also portrays the identity of Japanese people. It is known for its precision. The main types of sushi are:

1. Nigiri

It is accompanied by either raw fish, egg or a vegetable.

2. Makizushi

It is accompanied by various combinations of vegetables, fish and sushi rice rolled with a sheet of seaweed.

3. Hosomaki

It is the most basic type of sushi.It only contains a single filling either of cucumber, salmon, tuna or crab stick.

4. Chirashizushi

It is also known as scattered sushi and is served in parties. It consists of a sushi bowl with vinegared rice in the bottom and toppings of egg or salmon roe.

5. Inarizushi

It consists of sushi rice in a pocket of tofu. It is sweet in taste.

6. Temarizushi

It is smaller than nigiri and is topped with raw fish.

7. Oshizushi

It is also known as box sushi. In this fish is preserved by packing it tightly in boxes of fermented rice.

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