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Effective Self-Improvement

by Akash Khatri

January 1, 2021

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The words, ‘Self-improvement’ are quite self-explanatory.

Self-improvement is the improvement of one’s knowledge, status or character by their own efforts. It is the process of making oneself better in every aspect of life.

The truth is, self-improvement is a quest unique for every person. One person cannot follow another person’s path and bring the change they want.

Important steps to self-improvement:

  • Take it slow-

Self-improvement is not a quick fix. The change comes gradually. Focus on one change at a time. And ALWAYS believe that there is room for improvement.

  • Goal oriented-

There is no point in going on this quest if you don’t have a goal set. Have a big goal set up, and set small goals as steps to climb. Having a set of small goals at a time ensures less chances to

  • Plan for obstacles-

Obstacles come unplanned – but they do come in the way of your goals. Plan a strategy for facing and coping with those obstacles. You need to be prepared that things do not always go smoothly.

  • Self-awareness-

Unless you’re working with a coach, your self-improvement plan is upto you to make. And self-awareness plays an important role in this.

Self-awareness comes in three areas:

Physical, emotional and cognitive.

When you recognise the place you need to improve at, you will make a better plan.

  • Optimism –

A self-improvement path which brings you optimism is the healthiest for you.

Positive self-talk, mindfulness cultivates optimism.

  • An Action plan-

Planning your actions towards your goals gives you concrete steps. This could involve creating an overall plan that incorporates various strategies.

  • Reward for success:

Beyond the reward of improving yourself, many self-improvement approaches incorporate some form of reward for completing a task or achieving a small goal. Rewards could include anything that motivates you—it is up to you to figure out what that is.

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