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Music – A blissful gift

by Akash Khatri

November 1, 2020

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Imagine having a really tiring and disappointing day and coming home to an amazing piece of soothing music you absolutely love. The comfort and relief is just inexplicable. There is something about music. It just fits; ALWAYS. Music goes with every sort of mood that exists. Happy? Sad? Music is the BEST companion. Feeling the love butterflies in your stomach? Well the right music just puts it into words. In Shakespeare’s words, “If music be the food of love, play on!” Music heals. No matter how sad, annoyed, heartbroken, frustrated,angry or in pain you are,sit back,listen to some music. You want to cry but can’t get those tears out? Find a song. There’s gonna be plenty with lyrics that express EXACTLY what you feel like. The most upbeat song in your personal playlist is sure going to get your feet tapping.

The one thing the world has in common: Music is a thing that all of the world has in common. One of the most common escapes. Music feels so close to the heart, that when you’re alone, thts the one thing you do. Connect with your emotions through music. When things are too much to take in, take a break. Lay back on yoir couch/bed, plug in your headphones and play the songs that amke you feel better. You’ll end up feeling good and start again with a clearer head. Every poet, every writer, every producer has a lot to say about music, and how it has helped them.

Music – As a therapy

Studies show that listening to calm, relaxing, self-chosen music helps reduce pain and increase functional mobility. And not just the pain of heartbreaks, but actual pain too! In Psychology, music therapy is a common and effective treatment. Music could offer an alternative treatment option for some conditions like stress /tension headaches. Research shows that there is more than just emotional connection with music. Customized music therapy may result a medication reduction or taper. Music is the language of the soul and unites anybody in the World- no matter where they are from what language they speak.

Music is the most beautiful gift of life.

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