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Black Hole Theory

by Akash Khatri

October 1, 2020

If what happens beyond universe fascinates you then this article is for you! “Black Hole”, “Warm Hole” these are few of the scientific terms that recently became famous, thanks to the sci-fi series and films! But have you ever delved into the reality check of these theories?If not, no worries! We will be talking about the theories and facts related to Black hole right here in this article. “Black Hole” – the enigma that this term has!

Who first predicted the “Black Hole” theory?

The human genius Albert Einstein explained about the existence of “Black Hole” long back in 1916 in his work “General Theory of Relativity”. But he never named it as “Black Hole”. It was more of a prediction than a theory. Want to know a fun fact? Einstein himself never believed that such an object could exist in the outer space! Then who coined this name? It was American astronomer John Wheeler who coined the term “Black Hole” in the year 1967. But even till that time, nobody could find a trace of black hole. When we got know that black holes REALLY exist? The first ever black hole was discovered in the year 1971 and soon the world acknowledged the existence of black hole in real. What exactly is a Black Hole? Black hole is a densely compact object that does not let anything pass through it, even light. It has immense gravitational pull. Why this has so much of gravitational pull? When matter is squeezed into a tiny space it is bound to have such kind of gravitational pull! And black hole is a sheer black space in universe which can’t be seen with naked eyes. How black holes are formed? When a star runs out of fuel, it dies and gets converted into a “black hole. A space where only gravitational pull is left. No spark-No shine-No light!

Are there only one kind of black hole?

No, there are three kinds of black holes (discovered so far):

1. Steller Black Holes

2. Supermassive Black Holes

3. Intermediate Black Holes

What did Stephen Hawking contribute about this topic Black Hole?

In 1974, Stephen Hawking made a prediction that black holes eventually evaporate entirely (Though this theory is yet to be physically proved in real!!). Another interesting theory explained by Hawking is “Spaghettification”. This theory says, if by default, an object is trapped in a black hole then due to its exceptional gravitational pull the object would be stretched like a Spaghetti from head to toe, vertically! There is no end on the number of theories that this enigmatic topic has!

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