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Do I feel pretty?

by Neha Pande

September 1, 2020

Do I feel pretty? Do I love my looks? Miniskirt or Salwar Suit, which one should I choose? A women’s life is scandalous and decided by the way she dresses or looks, it is the harsh reality of the women beauty standards where aesthetics is everything. A judgmental world where lipsticks are more expensive than books because that’s how the society is, isn’t it? Makeup, surgery and the way I “should” dress, publicised through all social media making young girls think they are to look a certain way.

Society has made it a norm for women to dress pretty with makeup done neatly and not to dress tomboyish as it is impolite for a girl to be dressed in men’s clothing. Funny thing is it doesn’t even matter if she’s perfect with beautiful skin and a neatly dressed or if she is tom boyishly dressed with bad skin, it doesn’t matter the amount or makeup she has on or does not because the society still will judge, it will still try to nit-pick on whatever they can.

You may think if she’s in a Miniskirt people will drool over her and if she is in a Salwar Suit people might call her a ‘behenji’; to that, yes, that might happen with our society falling into the tracks of western culture people might like the miniskirt and beautifully done makeup better but salwar suit has its own charm and will also invite a lot of spectators. But it doesn’t matter if it’s a Salwar Suit or a Miniskirt as the female behind it will still be criticized, as if her change in size or dressing has let everyone down. Her body is caged in reviews and views with titles on her as if she’s a zoo animal, shouldn’t she be allowed to dress however she wants? Shouldn’t she wear as much makeup as she wants or not?

Society may change with feminist movements going around the globe, this mentality might change and till then all we can do is to stop asking the question about which one is better, Miniskirt or Salwar Suit because it doesn’t really matter as we all are passengers of the same ship which is headed by the captain called “Society” and we all are suffering the same from the same judgment as others.

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