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Divorce - Not A Big Deal

by Mudita Bagla

January 24, 2023

Marriages happen. Every individual who gets married wishes for a blissful married life. But do all marriages really work out? No, absolutely not.

There are many reasons for the same. Just like marriage, divorce too is a chapter of life which starts when the chapter of marriage ends. That's it. When everyone around us supports and accepts our marriages, why should divorce be any different? Why, then, is it treated as a crime or something that one should be ashamed of?


Divorce is not a bad thing. In fact, it is a blessing in disguise which takes you out of the worst phase of your life. Divorce is future-centric and gives a new meaning and purpose to our life, a life which may have become meaningless. We have some great examples of men and women in India and around the world doing incredibly well in their lives after they got divorced.


Criticising a person's divorce is the easiest thing people can do, but the one who goes through it knows it's the best decision they could have made for themselves. Marriage is definitely an important part of a person's life but life is not only just about marriage; there is so much more to it than just that. Once you are divorced, people may judge you, doubt your character or even think that you have a mental illness, and if by chance they see you happy, then that will raise a huge question for the so-called society. "Look at him/her; how can he/she be happy?"

But that's their thinking and we shouldn't bother at all. Being divorced is much better than being a living corpse. People often give up their life due to unhappy marriages.


And you know what? Let's talk about divorce as positively and normally as we talk about marriage. Things don’t always happen as we expect them to, and that’s all right. Live and let others live on their own terms. Spread positivity!

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