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Femme fatale!

by Aparajita Jaiswal

July 27, 2020

Sometimes when we walk down the primrose path we wound up finding hell instead of the Garden of Eden. We all think that it’s not supposed to be all that hard.

Sitting with a cup of coffee on a bad hair day in your favorite sweater you wore, just to compensate for the hair and to make yourself feel better, you come across the perfect girl’s story. Sound familiar? You should feel happy for her right? But the honest truth is that you can’t help seething, can you? We’ve all been there.

“Feeling jealous can provide valuable information about yourself, ” says Zelana Montminy, author of 21 days of resilience. Navigating through life, we learn to wear masks to suit the occasion. Between the people we want to please and the tests we want to pass, we sometimes create a gap between who we really are and who we aspire to be.

Why do you want to be a second Miranda Priestly when you can be a first you? Is it necessary to always wear masks and hide behind fake emotions? To get ahead we don’t need to be men. Us girls just need self reliance, to be honest about our dreams and ambitions and be proud of being the Femme Fatale you are. The magic to the dream life is to just say yes to every opportunity that presents itself. After all, all we know is that we got today.


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