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Love Yourself

by Neha Pande

July 27, 2020

The 21st century has had some of the best inventions, theories, findings and the list goes on and on, but 21st century, especially 2017 and 2018, have also marked the beginning of body positivity for men and women. Now tell me how many times have you felt down thinking about your body? Thinking I’m fat or I’m too skinny or my arms are too long or my thighs need a thigh gap or maybe not. How many times have you looked into the mirror and felt sick of the way you look?

But this year is the time when you leave all those worries behind and think positively about yourself and your body. Go to the gym because you want to be healthy, not skinny or eat a lot, not because you want more mass on your body, eat for yourself because it’s healthy for your body. Girls and guys at times get gloomy because of their body weight thinking “I’m getting too fat and I should probably go on a diet,” To them my answer is, No honey! No need to go on a diet! Because you look and are perfect just the way you are and let’s not forget in olden times a little bit of fat or plum was in fashion and now is coming back into fashion. The boys and girls who say “I’m too skinny, ” To them I’d like to say is that god you look beautiful and to my guy friends I’d like to say, you look handsome! I mean look at those collar bones, I want those.

Beauty is subjective and it’s us who are making it objective but I’m proud of some high fashion magazines like Vogue and Elle for giving chances to models who do not fit the typical “model” standards that are tall, slim and oval shaped face models with great eyebrows. There has been a significant change in the fashion and makeup world which is embracing body positivity but there is always more scope as we still are hesitant towards it.

We all should embrace ourselves and our bodies, go to the gym and exercise because it’s good for the body and eat yummy dishes because you deserve it! The best thing is nowadays we have amazing role models to look up to who talk about body positivity and how to embrace it, like Demi Lovato, Arjun Kapoor, Shane Dawson and many more who talk about how important it is to be body positive and spread body positivity. I mean if Robert Downey Jr. can be short and be the infamous Iron Man who has shaken up the movie industry. Our amazingly talented Adele can be plum and still embracing her body and rocking the stage, then we can also embrace our body and be positive about it.


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