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Pad vs Banana

by Aparajita Jaiswal

April 19, 2022

What is Sex-education?

What is Sex-education?

I grew-up in a small town, where the people would receive a thrashing for uttering the word SEX. Writing the word SEX on any piece of paper, was no less than penning our own death warrant. Therefore, learning about it from our schoolbooks became impossible, and talking about it in the public was considered offensive.

Along with my puberty came the age of 2G internet, and along with downloading video games setup on proxy servers, porn movies became the hot talk. These enabled the boys of my age to watch videos of penetrative sex. Yes, it was porn movies that gave us them first sex lessons.

The debate of ban over pornography has always received mixed opinions, and even mine has fluctuated with time.

Sex-education is certainly a must for every person in their late teenage and early adulthood. Particularly, for people like me who grow up in small towns with not much provided guidance. Having been a porn addict, I find myself qualified (read and learned) enough to write against pornography.

  • Pornography lacks consent:

What is Sex-education?

I have watched many porn movies in which the female actors are seen undressing their male partners without their consent. The male actors are seen groping their female partners without their consent. Basically, pornography, in general promotes (at least supports) molestation in the name of sex.

People may have different political, religious, and regional identities, but no one should consider molestation normal. Anyone defending pornography, for any intention, should at least not let this very thought slip away from their mind.

  • Pornography encourages incest:

What is Sex-education?

A significant number of porn movies show the male actor having sex with a girl playing the role of his mother, sister, sister-in-law and even daughter.

While the religions and cultures have different opinions on incest, research shows that incest is harmful to possible off springs. Majority of sex educators (gynaecologists) strongly oppose incest, and hence incest shouldn’t be encouraged in the name of sex through pornography.

  • Sanitary napkins vs Bananas:

What is Sex-education?

A good porn movie (according to my younger version) is incomplete without a girl inserting unconventional items (like a banana) inside her private parts. The availability of such videos on the internet is a matter of disgrace. Sex education should be about spreading knowledge on the healthy menstrual cycle, sanitation of genitals, valuing consent, and so on. It should certainly not be about the ill-treatment of genitals but rather about EXPLORATION of sexuality.

P.S.I do not intend to offend anyone.


Naman Garg

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