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Social deprivation

by Akash Khatri

December 1, 2020

Human being is a social creature having an integral need to interact. According to some researches, social deprivation and isolation have distinctive effects on behaviour and lifestyle of a person.

Social Deprivation is when people have limited access to social resources due to various reasons like mental disorders, tensions, poverty, social discrimination etc.

Social deprivation and Social exclusion-

These are two different terms. Social exclusion is when individuals are excluded from full participation in the society because of his or her community, culture, traits or characteristics. Though social deprivation can result into social exclusion in the society.

Effects of social deprivation on human beings-

Social deprivation can lead to loneliness, long term consequences in physical and mental health and way of behaving. It can affect child development and even the entire human functioning as, the influence of society and peer groups is the most important aspect of one’s growth as an individual.

How covid-19 led to social deprivation-

The social distancing measure which were mandatory for everyone all over the world to control the spread of corona virus is absolutely reducing everyone’s opportunity to engage in social interactivity outside their houses, especially the adolescents.

This might seem to be a normal quarantine for the teenagers but it is as strenuous for them as for any working adult. The basic interaction which is very crucial for the character and personality development of a teen has been hindered due to the access to digital forms of social interaction through social media.

Today, this poor social health has been connected to many negative side effects and it has to be dealt with.

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