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I don’t dream, I have ambitions: Pavitra Punia talks about her goals, inspirations and wonderful acting career

by Rupashree Ravi

May 24, 2022

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Television actress Pavitra Punia is a bundle of talent. She is known for her roles in several popular television serials and for starring in reality shows. In an exclusive interview, she shared her experiences of playing different iconic characters, her ambitions and thoughts on feminism.

Without a doubt, the television industry is very dynamic and competitive. It is not easy for actresses to leave their mark. Sharing her views on this, Punia said, “The industry is always going to be a hard place for everyone to leave their mark. There are so many amazing talents and a lot of competition indeed. The film and television industry is not an easy one to prove your work. But I am confident that I’m going to leave my mark. I still have a long way to go and a long journey to follow ahead.”

Punia started her career in 2009 as a contestant in MTV Splitsvilla 3. She got her first lead role as Geet Dhillon in the Star Plus serial Love U Zindagi, where she starred opposite Sidharth Shukla. She went on to play many roles in different serials, from Anushka in Hongey Judaa Na Hum to Poulomi Roy in Naagin 3. She was also a contestant in Box Cricket League and Bigg Boss. Punia is currently seen in the Dangal TV show Ishq ki Daastan – Naagmani as Mohini. “I’m appearing in a new television show after a year and a half. It’s a daily soap and I have started filming for it, so please stay tuned,” she added.

She spoke about her experience so far as an actress. She shared, “My experience in the industry has been wonderful. I had never thought of becoming an actress. When I got a chance to become one, the industry itself gave me the best and I think I’m just bearing the fruits of the labour that I put in every day as an actress. I love my job as I get to play different characters and live so many lives. Not everyone gets this opportunity. It’s a wonderful experience to have so many fans and to be a role model for people.”

Punia’s favourite actresses are Charlize Theron and Jennifer Lopez. She cited them as inspirations and as role models she really looks up to when portraying a role. She also admires Kareena Kapoor and her work. “I also look up to myself and I see myself in the mirror along with my to-do list of goals,” she added.

When asked where she sees her acting career taking her, she shared, “I think I see my acting career taking me to the heights that I’m very ambitious about. I don’t dream; I have ambitions. I believe dreams are meant to be broken. But my ambitions are like a bucket list. It’s a long list that is yet to complete. But yes, I know for sure that I see myself just like a superstar.”

Talking about her favourite roles out of all the characters she has played, she said, “It was fun and easy to pick up the role of Timnasa in Baalveer Returns and even the character of Nidhi Chabra in Ye Hai Mohabbatein. I think I have portrayed all these characters well. It’s like someone has poured me into these characters. My most favourite characters are definitely these two. Currently, I’m playing the role of Mohini in Ishq ki Daastan – Naagmani. It’s really fun and is among my favourites.”

Punia also shared her views on feminism and gave a message for all women. She stressed on the importance of being true to who you are. “It’s important for women to be themselves. They should be kind and fierce and also maintain a balance between both. Be healthy and honest about your bodies and have respect for all people out there. I believe being independent and earning for the family is also important. Live beautifully and fiercely,” she mentioned.

Finally, she addressed her fans and thanked them for their support. She advised them to always be kind and be what they are. She said, “At the end of the day you’re going to reminisce about how you spent your time. Stay true to yourselves and live a beautiful life. Do not change yourself for anyone. Let people accept you the way you are. That is your superpower.”

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