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10 Era-Defining Fashion Icons In Music

by Himanshi Sharma

February 14, 2023

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Take a look at the most fashionable  artists over the past three decades 

Most trends start on the edge of a guitar string of one  famous musician that every single one of their fans  want to be like. Here are some such influential icons  in the music industry. 

The Ramones (70s) 

The Ramones were the first of many bands that  originated the alternate genre of punk music. The  musicians didn’t bother to dress the part, which at  that period was full of pomp and glamour. They rather  that they stuck to their frayed jeans, leather jackets  and shaggy hair. Little did they know that they had  begun the bad boy rockstar aesthetic. 

Elvis Presley (70s) 

The King of Rock ’n’ Roll wasn’t only know for his  grooves. Elvis Presley was known for many things  starting from his slick pompadour which many guys  of that time strived to imitate to wearing eyeliner 

however it was his rhinestone studded pantsuits  which were the epitome of fashion, courtesy of Bill  Belew, that has influenced many styles that came  about till date.  

Freddie Mercury and Queen (70s and  80s) 

The trail of flamboyance continued from Elvis’s time  with the coming of the British band Queen and their  main man, Freddie Mercury who brought about the  

prevalence of androgyny in fashion. Starting with bell  bottoms and dark bobs, Mercury later went on to  experiment more with fashion with more bright tight  fitting bodysuits and over the top jackets. His  signature moustache was only a welcome addition in  his later years. 


Michael Jackson (70s to 90s) 

The ‘Thriller’ singer was the one to put fedoras, single  handed gloves, studded jackets and many more on  the map during the peak of 90s. Jackson acted true  to his words as mentioned in his autobiography  ‘Moonwalk’  

“If fashion says it’s forbidden, I’m going to do  it,”

And he sure found a way to make it fabulous too. 


Madonna (80s and 90s) 

There wasn’t a time in 1900s when Pop Queen  Madonna was not totally iconic. She cut the right  balance between punk and gorgeous with her lacy  corsets paired with messy jumbles of pearls and her  frizzy blonde hair. One of her most notable looks  comes from her song ‘Material Girl’, embodying  Marilyn Monroe perfectly in her own quintessential  manner. 


Spice Girls (late 90s) 

The Spice Girls represented the fashion trends that  were going around in the late 90s. Geri’s Union Jack dress, Mel C original athleisure looks, Emma’s  pigtails, Victoria’s black fits and Mel B’s animal prints  all perfectly sum up the era and boomed into the early  2000s as well. 


Britney Spears (late 90s and 2000s)

Britney dominated the fashion game in the 2000s. ‘Hit  me Baby One More Time’ gave rise to tied up shirts and sports bras. Young pop stars nowadays still try to  emulate Britney in any way possible. Really, no one could make a huge yellow Boa python around the  neck stylish the way she did, though. 


Jennifer Lopez (2000s) 

Jennifer Lopez is still making fashion statements well  into 2023 but if we can’t go without mentioning that one dress that made fashion history which is the  famous green Versace dress she wore at Grammys  which was so iconic it was revived back in 2020. 


Harry Styles (2010s) 

Harry Styles joins the ranks of Elvis and Freddie  Mercury, having transcended the boundaries of  fashion. Shedding his boy band days image, Styles  had went on to create a style of his own, which went  beyond all gender norms and stereotypes. 


BTS (2010s)

BTS has changed the footnotes of fashion for a whole  new generation, not just in one nation but all over the  world. They have totally redefined the standards of  masculinity, sending shockwaves across current trends. With their popularity, ‘self expression’ has  taken new roots in our society.  


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