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Fashion, Makeup and Lockdown

by Neha Pande

October 1, 2020

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When the lockdown started we all thought it would all go downhill for the fashion and makeup industry. We even thought that individual fashion and makeup would stay till pajamas or a nice lip gloss.  But we all were proven wrong because fashion, makeup and lockdown are going hand in hand, especially for individualistic fashion. People are flourishing with their personal sense of style as now we all have time to understand what we love and what will look good on us. Yes, we were in a slump in the start and hoping this would end but now the world is beating to its own rhythm and even if we are stuck at home we are not letting that affect our sense of fashion.

Big brands are getting spring lines out and even Selena Gomez’s makeup line Rare came out. People are trying new things and getting more creative. Skin care and self care is at its peak and people are finding their own styles and their love for fashion which they were either too shy or too scared to find. Lockdown has given people a chance to break away from criticism and to break away from their routine fashion.

2020 has given birth to a new era of grunge mixed with softness and also given a stage to mix and match various looks together. The hype of 2020 is layering and mixing things together. Sweater vests layers with polo shirts and a nice tennis skirt are back in fashion. Tennis skirts, white sneakers, sweater vests, polos, crop tops, button ups and straights jeans are essential pieces to store in your closet. In terms of jewellery, Chunky statement necklaces or earrings with a side purse are essentials for every outfit. Soft grunge is in fashion during this lockdown making things more pastel yet edgy with chunky shoes, statement necklaces, skirts or cargo pants with crop tops or cute cardigans back in style. The makeup during the lockdown is either experimental and artistic or natural dewy because of skin care at peak.

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