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How Soha Ali Balances Authenticity With Content Creation

by Akshra Khandelwal

September 1, 2023

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In the ever-evolving realm of social media, where trends rise and fall like fleeting waves, there emerges a dynamic influencer who navigates this digital landscape with grace and innovation. Soha Ali, a name synonymous with creativity and authenticity, graciously sat down for an exclusive interview, offering a glimpse into her journey, inspirations, and aspirations.

How Soha Ali Balances Authenticity With Content Creation

"It's going pretty well, by God's grace," Soha beams, setting the tone for our conversation. She reflects on the recent trend that swept through social media, the "Barbie mania," a phenomenon that captured the virtual world's attention for a month. With a chuckle, she admits, "It was good fun while it lasted, but I'm relieved it's getting over now!" Beyond the ephemeral trends, Soha's career is on a steady ascent.

Transitioning content creation from a passion to her full-time pursuit has opened doors to refine her art and connect with her audience on a deeper level.

Rewinding the clock to 2020, Soha reminisces about the birth of her journey. "It was in 2020 when short-form video content on social media platforms was just taking off, with TikTok taking the lead," she shares. The platform's meteoric rise was marked by its subsequent ban, leading many content creators to pivot to Instagram. For Soha, this shift marked a pivotal moment. "I remember posting my first Reel in late 2020 just out of curiosity, which I like to call a happy accident. It blew up," she recounts, the spark of that accidental success still evident in her eyes. Since that serendipitous start, she's found her purpose in content creation—an avenue that offers community, creativity, and financial stability.

Her content palette is as diverse as her influences, ranging from beauty and skincare to entertainment and lifestyle, all underscored by a strong focus on Indian fashion and aesthetics. "My phone is my workstation when it comes to planning my content," Soha reveals. "I note what other creators are doing, current trends, what my audience asks of me through comments and DMs, and other ideas I get while browsing through Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest." This meticulously crafted approach is a testament to her dedication to delivering quality content that resonates.

How Soha Ali Balances Authenticity With Content Creation

Reflecting on her Evolution, Soha shares, "When I first started making content, it was primarily reactionary, heavily influenced by what others like me were doing and current trends." Yet, growth beckoned, and she embraced a more insightful and informative content style. "Over time, as I learned more about content creation, my present and potential audience, and what I would like to show people vs. what they want or need, it evolved to incorporate more helpful content like skincare, haircare, informed monologues about issues I felt were important, makeup tips, etc."

Soha's Evolution extends to her tools and techniques. "It also became more professional since I just used my phone and a ring light when I started, but now I use more and more equipment and hire professionals for significant shoots." The journey from smartphone to studio symbolises her commitment to delivering polished, engaging content that captivates her audience.

Amidst her trove of beauty insights, Soha imparts a gem of wisdom: "Apply makeup through your fingers and not a brush whenever possible. It makes it easier to spread, gives a more even finish, and helps you understand the correct amount." Her advice is grounded in practicality and self-care, evident in a creator who knows her craft's nuances.

As someone frequently on the go, Soha reveals the essentials that find a place in her bag. "My trusted sunscreen, lipstick, mini perfume, a wooden comb, and some wet wipes," she lists, a minimalist kit that ensures she's well-prepared without compromising her signature style.

In the realm of aspirations, Soha's eyes light up with a dream. "My dream collab (and please don't judge me for it!) is to work with Sanjay Leela Bhansali," she confesses with an endearing laugh. Her admiration for the filmmaker's visual artistry and character-driven narratives is palpable. "I absolutely love his films and his style of creating vivid visual art," she shares, her voice carrying a tinge of excitement. Such an opportunity would be a fusion of her two loves—content creation and cinematic storytelling.

Amidst her achievements, Soha humbly imparts a piece of wisdom for budding creators: "There's nothing more rewarding than a free conscience as a creator and knowing you're doing the best you can without compromising anything or being what you are not." Her advice echoes her journey, marked by authenticity, growth, and a commitment to her craft.

As our conversation with Soha Ali draws to a close, it's evident that her path is one defined by resilience, creativity and an unwavering belief in her art. With each post and each interaction, she's crafting a digital legacy that speaks not just to trends but to the essence of self-expression. In a world characterised by rapid change, Soha stands as a beacon of authenticity, reminding us all that during the digital storm, it's the genuine voices that truly resonate.

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