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Journeying Through Fashion And Self - Expression With Paranosh Irani

by Akshra Khandelwal

August 27, 2023

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"Fashion is a variable, while style is a constant. Style expresses who I am in my way!" - These words resonate deeply with the vibrant soul that is Paranosh Irani. From the colourful realms of Instagram to the poised corridors of the fashion world, Paranosh has carved a niche uniquely hers. In an exclusive interview with our magazine, she unveils her journey, her inspirations, and the philosophy that drives her.

With a radiant smile that mirrors her effervescent personality, Paranosh Irani delves into her roots, giving us a glimpse of her evolution as a digital content creator and social media influencer. "Who is Paranosh Irani?" she muses as if teasing us to embark on a journey of discovery. A journey began on Instagram, where she found her voice through a quirky-edgy take on Fashion, offering honest reviews and invaluable tips on skincare and makeup. Her audience is not just followers; they are comrades, fellow Unicorn enthusiasts who understand her affinity for the mythical creature that represents her spirit – unique, magical, and full of dreams.

The sparkle in her eyes intensifies as she shares her thoughts on Fashion and style. "Fashion is a variable, while style is a constant," she asserts. To her, style is the canvas on which she paints her individuality. It's not about following trends but creating a tapestry of self-expression. A style icon in her own right, Paranosh draws inspiration from Iris Apfel, a nonagenarian fashion maven. The connection between the two might not be obvious at first glance, but the audacity to be oneself, no matter the age, forms the bridge between their worlds.

As she traces her journey, it's evident that the path wasn't always bedecked with confidence and self-assuredness. "Since childhood, I always felt I had an 'out-of-the-box' factor to give back to the industry," she confesses. Yet, her path meandered, and she grappled with self-esteem issues. Only later, after enrolling in an image consulting course, her vision cleared. The world of Fashion and self-expression, which had seemed distant, became an open field of opportunities. "It brought back my love for fashion," she reminisces, a reminder that sometimes our passions only need a gentle nudge to return.

The tale takes a twist as we learn of her dalliance with setting up an online platform for local boutiques, a project that remained in the shadows. It's a testament to the fact that not every venture blooms into the spotlight, but each contributes to the growth of the creative spirit. Against the backdrop of these endeavours, the idea of fashion blogging simmered, waiting for the right moment to take centre stage.

Paranosh Irani took her rightful place in the digital realm like a phoenix rising from the ashes. The days of indecision were behind her, replaced by a conviction to chase her dreams relentlessly. "When people around me work 3-4 jobs, why can't I manage two?" She questions a statement that encapsulates her relentless determination. With Instagram as her launchpad, she embarked on a blogging journey, eventually expanding her presence to a WordPress blog account.

Today, her digital footprint is a testament to her creative prowess. She has crafted a space uniquely hers with content that reflects her quirky-edgy perspective on Fashion, insightful reviews, skincare tips, and lifestyle musings. But she didn't stop there. Winner of the Femina Mrs Stylista Pageant 2018, she broke her barriers and shattered the glass ceiling. "This was the first time I had ever won something beauty-fashion related," she chuckles, her younger self amazed by the woman she's become.

The tale would only be complete by acknowledging her media collaborations. Her styling videos have graced the digital pages of My Good Times, while her story has been told through the ink of Eatmy News, Creme Magazine, Making HERstory Again, and the airwaves of Radio One, Pune. A highlight that gleams with pride is her participation in the Born on Instagram program by Instagram itself, a validation of her influence and creativity.

Beyond the digital realm, Paranosh has ventured into entrepreneurship. Her online business,, and her preloved fashion endeavour, ReHome ReLove, symbolise her enterprising spirit. They are also a reminder that her journey is as much about creating pathways for others as it is about personal growth.

As the conversation draws closer, her dreams emerge on the horizon. An ambassador on a global stage for fashion week, representing her unique style to the world – that's the crescendo she envisions. Yet, amidst the aspirations, her message remains grounded and potent. "Don't give up; perceive, push your boundaries and carve your niche because no one is like you!"

Paranosh Irani is more than an influencer; she's a storyteller, a dreamer, and a warrior of self-expression. Her journey reminds us that pursuing passion is not a linear path but a tapestry of experiences woven with threads of resilience, audacity, and unyielding belief. As we bid farewell to this effervescent creator, we are left with the anticipation of the many chapters she's yet to pen, the stories she's yet to tell, and the fashion she’s yet to conquer. 


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