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Repeating clothes isn't a faux pas anymore

by Aishwarya

November 5, 2022

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Fashion is an integral part of our personality. We constantly take inspiration from social media and celebrities. Though we get to know the fashion trends from them, we also get the notion that we have to wear a new piece of clothing every single time. Moreso, the people who have a presence on social media get influenced by celebrities and fashion influencers. It’s almost a nightmare for social media influencers, to repeat their clothes. Even we expect them to wear new clothes every single time, which is neither possible nor viable. The celebrities we look up to are the ones who get their dresses sourced from various mediums. For a common man like us, it’s not a viable option to opt for. 

Repeating clothes have been made up into a controversy that, we now need to normalize it. Repeating clothes is one of the best decisions you can take because it has a lot of benefits. You don’t have to be a sustainability influencer, to promote repeating the clothes. It is a very basic thing that we all have been doing, now even celebrities are opening up about it. Many celebrities are seen repeating their clothes and owning them with confidence and grace. 

Now, let us see the 3 reasons why you should also repeat your clothes.

SUSTAINABILITY: According to research, we almost generate 92 million tonnes of waste every year. This number is not surprising because that’s what happens when we are expected to wear new clothes every single time we step out of our house. By simply repeating your clothes, you can reduce textile wastage and carbon footprint. It is to be noted that the clothing industry generates 10% of all global carbon emissions and, it is the second biggest industrial polluter. The fast fashion culture has given rise to carbon emissions. The fashion industry has gained its profit through fast fashion, but our environment is paying for it. Fashion is all about you and, your confidence is what makes it fashionable and not the attires. 

DECISION FATIGUE: Do you remember the co-founder and CEO of Facebook, wearing that grey t-shirt? Well, it has become a uniform for Mark Zuckerberg. However, most billionaires wear the same set of clothing and, it has a reason for it. They are well aware of a phenomenon called decision fatigue- a fatigue that deteriorates the quality of the decision taken by human beings. Our brain requires a lot of energy for making a decision and, that is the reason why most billionaires prefer to wear the same clothes. By doing so, they reduce one more event of decision-making. It is very important for them, to manage their decision-making energy and focus on the more important ones.

SAVE MONEY: We all spend so much of our income on buying new clothes. Rather we could save money by thrifting or borrowing the clothes that are mostly a one-time fashion. The dresses for weddings are expensive and one-time fashion, these can be borrowed, thrifted or, reused with different accessories. We can reuse many of our clothes by just accessorizing them differently. These tweaks will make you look put together and also save some penny for the end of the month. 

Repeating your clothes can be done without the fear of missing out. Fashion is to make us feel happy and confident and, even a wardrobe of 20 clothes will do it for you. Create your fashion and, be one. 

Create your fashion and, be one. 

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