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When It Comes To Shop Fashionable Items Here’s What Most Men Want

by Yashi Srivastava

February 12, 2023

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The time when men hated shopping is long gone. 

Today, most men want to look good and feel good and so, want to shop good. Even though there are certain differences between what men and women want when they go out to shop for clothes, accessories, shoes, and more! 

So, what is it that most men want when they go shopping for clothes and other fashion items? 

Men want to be clear on what they want 


Most men do not like wasting time in several shops and showrooms before deciding on what they want. It is not an opportunity to socialize with other men, for them. So, the best thing that a man can do before going out shopping is to make a list of all the fashion items he wants, including the design or color he wants. 

For instance, if you want to buy a shirt, do a little research to get an idea of what kind of shirt you want -the design, color, style, etc. along with the store which may have it. You can find the store on Google to and go straight into it. 

They want to shop with convenience 


Men do not want to browse through an ocean of clothes or jeans or accessory to find that one perfect fashion item they had in mind. Woman, certainly would bring down an entire mountain to find that peach dress which Rachel wore in FRIENDS, but men just don’t care. 

So, they would usually prefer to go inside the showrooms that have MEN section. If you have a fashion store, pay heed to this and create a section exclusively for men. It may be a big reason why most men love to shop online - they do not have to go out and search for their section in the store!

If it is not a gadget or equipment, money certainly matters to men 


While most men love to shop fashion these days, unlike women, they would want to see the value in the product. In other words, whether they are shopping online or at a store, the brand has got to show its worth to them otherwise it would most certainly be a no from men. 

Most men like branded clothes and shoes but they wouldn’t appreciate the idea of expensive for no reason. 

Once they find their go-to brand, they will stick to it for years


Men want to find a fashion brand that suits them and they would certainly be their loyal army for years and years! Why do you think most men go to Levis? 

It is because the brand has established a connection with them that most fashion brands cannot simply because Levis understand and connects with men’s psyche. The brand offer discounts, offers, and loyalty programs to reel men in and well, most men like it. 

Online stores over offline showrooms


As mentioned already, most men like convenience, even when shopping for clothes or other fashion items. So, yes, online shopping preferable over offline, and they wouldn’t mind paying more for this, we mean the delivery charges. Well, it’s understandable for even women enjoy the comfort part. 

So, remember to give them the value of their money, exclusive space, and of course, a loyalty program to relate to, and you would see that even though men have it their way, they wouldn’t mind going out to shop every weekend. 

Blob - With the changing fashion world, why wouldn’t men embrace the idea of shopping fashionable items for themselves? Gone are the days when men didn’t want to look good. With changing times, even male shoppers want to explore the best in fashion but in their own way!

If it has value, convenience, and style, men of this generation will buy it!

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