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Personal Growth And Relatability: Ishita Khanna's Key To Influencer Success

by Akshra Khandelwal

August 26, 2023

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Ishita Khanna, a renowned digital content creator, has carved her own niche in the lifestyle and fashion space for over three years. In an exclusive interaction, we sat down with Ishita to deep dive into the world of content creation in an ever-evolving digital landscape, what drives her to create relatable content for audiences, lifestyle and grooming hacks, the importance of self-care and her approach to personal development.

Personal Growth And Relatability: Ishita Khanna's Key To Influencer Success

"Work's been incredible. If I talk about my typical work day, it has a lot of team huddles, meetings with brands/agencies, and ideating/scripting for future content and shoots," Ishita shares as she delves into the busy world of a lifestyle influencer. Her days are filled with brainstorming sessions and collaborations that allow her to craft content that resonates with her audience.

As we settled in for our chat, we were eager to know more about Ishita's creative journey. "It's fascinating how life takes us on unexpected paths," she began. "In 2018, I started freelancing in social media and content roles, which eventually led me to work for a food blog. While creating videos for the blog, I rediscovered my passion for creative direction. That's when the idea of starting my own YouTube channel struck me like lightning!"

Ishita's journey is a testament to the diverse backgrounds that lead one to digital content creation. "Despite my academic background – a postgraduate degree in financial economics and preparing full-time for the UPSC examinations – my heart has always been set on creative direction, filmmaking, editing, and digital media since my early school days," she revealed.

Personal Growth And Relatability: Ishita Khanna's Key To Influencer Success

Within three months of diving into full-time content creation on YouTube, Ishita gained a massive audience of over 100K subscribers. Her fashion, styling, and lifestyle content hit all the right notes with her viewers. Since then, she's been on a mission to create her own lane in the lifestyle and fashion digital content world. Her adventures have taken her across India and beyond, where she collaborates with brands she genuinely connects with.

"I believe in unleashing the power of my visual language, creativity, and marketing to connect with audiences," Ishita shared passionately. "It's not just about my content; I want to give the brands I represent more visibility too."

What sets Ishita's content apart is its relatability. Naturally, we were curious about her secret sauce for creating relatable content regularly. "Inspiration comes from everywhere," she said. "From recent travels to magazine archives, movies, and even my friends – they all contribute to my creative process. But the real magic lies in the women around me – my friends, family, and women in power. Their confidence and authenticity draw me in, and I strive to push the same energy into my online content."

The most fulfilling part of being a creator, according to Ishita, is the heartfelt messages she receives from women who resonate with her posts. "When someone tells me that my content helped them find what works best for their body type or boosted their confidence in what they wear, it's truly heartwarming," she shared with a warm smile.

Of course, with a hectic schedule, self-care becomes essential. Ishita's self-care rituals include her beloved cup of coffee and spending quality time with her furry friends. "My dogs are my stress-busters," she admitted. "But I also find joy in cycling, working out, and spending time with my friends – those little moments of bliss keep me balanced."

In the realm of fashion, comfort is key for Ishita. "I've been all about comfort lately," she laughed. "Joggers or cargo pants paired with an oversized tee are my go-to fits. I believe you can look stylish without sacrificing comfort!"

For aspiring creators looking to grow personally and professionally, Ishita has some golden advice. "Stay focused on your goals and treat every day like it's day one," she emphasised. "Collaborate with others, be open to feedback, and engage authentically with your audience. Stay curious and explore new creative avenues – that's the path to growth!"

As our delightful conversation neared its end, we couldn't resist asking Ishita about her upcoming projects. "Exciting content pieces are in the works with brands and agencies," she revealed with a twinkle in her eye. "Keep your eyes peeled for more in the coming months!"

Her journey teaches us the value of staying true to ourselves, finding inspiration in everyday moments, and embracing personal growth with open arms. Until next time, keep sipping your coffee and unleashing your creativity – just like Ishita!

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