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by Akash Khatri

December 1, 2020

Have you, even in the slightest way, ever bullied or been bullied? I think most of us have, and that’s an unfortunate thing on both the sides. People of all ages are bullied, or bully someone, from a very young age to an old age, too; and at every possible place. May it be at the playground, or schools and colleges or public places, and so on. Not only peers, friends, fellow mates or strangers; sometimes even family members and relatives are responsible for bullying. Even unnoticed things such as some rude comment, or a taunt can hurt someone deeply; and this promotes bullying.

Types of bullying:

  1. Physical bullying: When bullies try to hurt or torture someone physically, or even touch them without their consent.

  2. Verbal bullying: It is when a person taunts or teases the other person.

  3. Psychological bullying: When a person or group of people gossip about another person or exclude them from being part of the group, can be termed as psychological bullying.

  4. Cyber bullying: When bullies insult, hurt, spread rumours about or harass someone on social media. They make embarrassing and degrading (sometimes very inappropriate) comments, even on public forums, where others can see them; and hurt the person. Bullies also share the person’s personal information, pictures or videos to spoil someone’s public image.

Sometimes, we say or do things that we think are just for fun; but it might be affecting the other person. And if they ask you to stop, do not continue doing it.

And if you notice someone bullying or being bullied, call it out. Bullies haven’t always been the same. Some things in their life made them do it once or maybe twice; but they resorted to it. Sometimes, the ones who are bullied turn into bullies.

Calling out will bring the bullies forward and preventing bullying will not only save people from being bullied, but can also help prevent more people turning into bullies.

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