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Coping with Confinement

by Akash Khatri

July 26, 2020

The earlier days of the pandemic caused a furore and great hullabulla. Great chaos everywhere, no school, no maids, work from home and still ambiguous about the situation ahead as we approach towards the end of lockdown four. During this whole topsy turvy journey gradually it seems we have become more human. A transition from a dependant to a more independent working – subtracting the maids and a more gadget-free atmosphere. During this whole transition period, I treasured dormant talent of my personality, as I could steal some time for trying out solo singing, penning down my thoughts to create short stories, experimenting in the kitchen and even nailed the unusual skill of giving men a haircut.

Today I had lessons of stitching from my mom-in-law and found that it’s not that tedious and tricky as I had thought, of course, one needs to be lucky to have a good teacher beside you as my MIL is. I tried my hand on tailoring too, thanks to the lockdown.

All and all it’s so much fun being indoors with family, doing crazy things and enjoying the nearness, attention as well as helping hand of the spouse.

Above all, the level of tolerance has reached its acme and this habit I would always wish could be deep-rooted within me forever.

At last, it took a microscopic-organism to make us more human.


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