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Simulation Theory: What if we were just illusions?

by Akash Khatri

1 November 2020

What if our reality was just an illusion? What if our truths about existence are nothing but a myth? The universe is nothing but just a mirror facing another mirror! Like a dream inside a dream!

“Simulation theory” is a current trending topic, many tags this as a conspiracy theory. The modern history of this mind-boggling theory started in the year 2003 with one publication by an Oxford Professor named Nick Bostrom and the paper that opened the gates of our curiosity regarding “Simulation theory” was “Are You Living in a Computer Simulation”?

As per him, we are already in simulation, and with the possibilities of advances in virtual reality, we will (the simulated creatures) will create our own simulations and gradually the only civilization that will sustain would be simulated one!

The three main points from his speech were: Civilization will come to an end before we get to the next level i.e. post-human level where we can create our own designed simulations. We developed the capability of creating “simulation”, but we decided not to use it yet, thinking (perhaps) that it is unethical or against the morality to do so! We are probably living in a simulation.

In the recent era, many famous personalities have also become obsessed with the fact that maybe we are nothing but just fabricated or coded by super-human beings or super-coders who are monitoring every move of ours and to some extent controlling the way we are behaving! We are nothing but just a part of the virtual simulations in a mega computer! The Déjà vu we experience is nothing but just a glitch in the matrix or in simpler terms “coding errors”! Perhaps that is why sometimes we feel these uncanny eyes are following us or watching us out of nowhere! We cannot really find who is making us feel watched over, but we get the feeling for sure!

Now let us talk about tech visionaries. Do they believe in this theory? The answer is YES! The tech visionaries and futurists do not believe in the old idea of Newton where they said that the creation of the Universe was simply by an accidental natural phenomenon. Most of today’s visionaries try to see the creation of the Universe as a simulation which was aided by super-intelligence.

One of the quotes by Elon Musk regarding “Simulation Theory” that went viral was: “Given that we’re clearly on a trajectory to have games that are indistinguishable from reality and those games could be played on any set-top box or any PC, and there would probably be billions of computer or set-top boxes, it would seem to follow that the odds we are in base reality are one in billions.” But there are few scientists and techies who have totally dismissed the idea saying this whole theory is not even scientific in the first place!

Why should we be bothered to know whether we are living in a simulation or not? Not only because people are crazily discussing about this topic lately but to know and acknowledge the truth!

Why we should find out the real answer to this theory is to find out our realities so that we can survive if the need arises ever in the future!

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