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Single parenthood and family

by Akash Khatri

December 1, 2020

Slowly generalising concept yet feels like a terror to me . I’m not writing it hypothetically rather have seen this. Families emerged from single Parenthood on a positive aspect know struggle and manage to include themselves in the hardy layer of the society whereas on a negative aspect they can just be as jeopardized as possible.

Single parenthood if not self chosen could be a disaster for the parent itself ,juggling between kids, work, household and what not as if you’ve to do single handed plank when your core isn’t used to it.

However, I fear for self chosen single parenting because the shrinkage from joint families to single parent families are somewhere responsible in the upbringing and personality development of a child as well. How are they supposed to learn actions oriented moral ethics and values if they are not getting various people to observe in their house.

In a nutshell,the pursuit of single parenthood must be a big no ,no matter how much it’s covered or layered with positive attributes, it’s hard for both the child and the parent and we as humans don’t opt for harder things by nature, do we ?

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