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The orientation of career in our country

by Aparajita Jaiswal

June 1, 2021

Why does India wish to be a Two faction system? Doctors and engineers.

Indian society as is known to most of us shows complete dominance over the personal choices of individuals such as career choice, mental health, marriage decision, what should be done or not, opinions and whatnot. The preliminary infusion of career choice in our country is only limited to two professions. Either be a doctor or become an engineer, only then can a person’s life commemorate a moment of success. 

Although, in this case, we cannot blame the older generation or our ancestors for instilling us with this faction system. If we go back three decades, we could see that there were no such pressures on children to choose out of such choices. The primary reason was that at that time the financial condition of most people used to be very mediocre. They could barely manage the education and livelihood of their family.

Thus noble professions such as being a doctor or engineer were a luxury then. The people chose the profession according to the status of their family. So, this economic issue was one of the barriers in earlier times to go for their dream path. The other reason that crippled people from going towards their dream job is nepotism. The notion that children should follow their parents footpath. These issues still stay in society on the metaphorical level. 

The point here is to understand that even though society is adamant in pressurizing people to change their choices, initially it had some valid and credible reasons as given above. Nepotism is wrong but anyhow the career path is for betterment. The economic reason however is the fault of the other consequences. These two things, although unfair, seem credible. But the fact that only two professions in the whole herd of it can make life successful is so wrong.

The two faction system came into existence a decade back where industrialization seemed to uplift the job scale of engineers. Whereas the recent developments in medical sciences lured students to help save some lives. In the initial phase, it was okay, but then students flooded in for enrolling.

This created issues for institutions as they had limited numbers of seats. This prompted the creation of a competitive examination. Some time period went smoothly after this. But later on, there was this race to clear these competitive exams to get admissions, which still prevails to this very day. This created a new Industry for the economy, the industry of coaching classes.

The situation is such in the country now that everyone only talks about these two exams which either lead to a career in the medical field or the technical field. This has led to the lynching of other careers. In case anyone doesn’t go ahead on these two so-called noble professions, then they are expected to pursue civil services. These are the frameworks that society has lined up for careers, anyone going beyond this threshold value is stupid according to society. 

The reason is so uncertain for those activities, was it because earlier times they couldn’t pursue medical or engineering, is it because you want your child to leave their dream to pursue something that would make it socially acceptable, is it because you want to keep your dominion over your child all their lives, the reason is unknown. But one thing is sure that those two professions are not your only choices. it also should be known that those two entrances also work at some places to get a better bachelors college. They are not just tickets to medical or engineering. This hidden thing no one knows. No one knows that our country’s research institute also invite people from higher secondary into a BS-MS program. 

Everyone just gets dejected and chooses a local college for bachelors, and even after that, this doesn’t end. There is no proper cycling up of information regarding plans, masters entrances, etc. This shows that as a country we are not providing our youth with enough information but subjecting them to a bundle of discretion. Many youtube channels have started speaking about this, but as a society, we need to break out of these two factions.

We have to understand the happiness of our children, one can paint, write, talk or dance as a career there should not be any indulgence. Even if people go for other professions equal respect should be paid to everyone. It must be known that diversity is the only thing that holds fast throughout all time, a faction system fails when catastrophe comes from all sides. Thus, be aware and make everyone aware. You have the potential to become whatever you want. 

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