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Blue Lagoon – Iceland

by Akash Khatri

1 November 2020

The most visited tourist attraction in Iceland, Blue Lagoon geothermal spa is a wonderful place that seems into everyone’s itinerary who visits Iceland. The dramatic volcanic landscape with the tempting lava fields, hot springs and jets of stream coming from the cracks is such a soothing and relaxing place to be at. The milky blue shade of water which remains 37-39°C, and soft mud in the bottom that is very good for the skin, make the bathers have a luxurious bath and amazing time there.

Is it good for the skin and hair?

Its natural ingredients, salts, silica and blue green algae takes out the stress and strain from daily life and makes us forget about every trends of life. The waters are thought to contain healing powers for skin diseases and is the purest form of cleansing. Too much of water can cause a little dry hair but we just have to wet our hair in the shower and leather on a coating of shampoo and conditioner before using the hair serum. Or you can simply tie a bun or put a shower cap before going into the water. It won’t be a task to keep your hair good and smooth like before.

Why is it special?

One of the Europe’s best spring spas was actually formed accidentally by excess water from geothermal plant nearby the area as the Icelandic culture is built around bathing in warm water wherever it is available. Eventually it was turned into a beautiful bathhouse when it got popularity and a lot of visitors. The Blue Lagoon is now considered as one of the 25 wonders of the world hosting over 1.3 million visitors in a year. The misconception that all wastes and industrial processes are bad for us is changed by its productive and enjoyable qualities. It has evolved to become a landscape that is no longer a wasteland but a fabulous attraction to tourists globally.

Is it convenient there?

There are restaurants, cafes, showers, lockers and everything you need before or after the spa, and you can make the most of your hours there. The site is nearby the airport, so even if someone has a flight, they can make lagoon their last visiting spot and easily catch the flight, so it’s pretty convenient that way.

Is it expensive?

It’s usually recommended to opt for the standard package, which comes under the travelling budget. They give people their own towels, lockers, showers, silica mud mask, and a free drink! It’s a huge bonus to get as much silica mud as you want for your face and hands.

How’s the weather?

Iceland has an unpredictable weather. One can even experience all the seasons in a single day. But a bad weather is not a reason to cancel the lagoon trip. Even if it’s raining, a bath under the rainbow seems like a dream.

The beautiful interior and otherworldly experience of the place leaves you overwhelmed by and awestruck!