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Palm Islands

by Akash Khatri

October 1, 2020

One of the country’s most prominent project ever, Dubai’s palm Islands, developed by Nakheel, are the eighth wonder of the world! These man made islands are designed in a palm tree shape and thus got their name from it. The distinctiveness and interesting history behind it grabs the tourist attraction here. One of the most visited destination in Dubai has been admired since long.

There are three islands that altogether makes Palm Island, including Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali, Palm Deira. Deira is the largest one.

Palm Jumeirah

It is the only one open to visitors and is also famous for the grand looking hotel, Burj Al Arab. There are residential properties inside Jumeirah too where celebrities or richer people reside in. It was built in the early 21st century and first residents in the buildings arrived in 2007. In the second decade 10,000 people were residing in Jumeirah. It was financed from Dubai’s substantial income from petroleum.

Palm Jebel Ali

It was the most significant among the three islands when built. It was so large that more than 250,000 people were expected to live there. But it’s an abandoned island as of now because of the deficit economic situation in Dubai. Nakheel has confirmed that it won’t be put to a stop. It’ll continue at some point of time for sure.

Palm Deira

Deira is the largest of all the islands with an area greater than Paris! It’s been under construction due to the same reason mentioned. When it’ll be completed, The island will consist of residential property, marinas, shopping malls, sports facilities, clubs, and hospitality offerings. It’s a spectacular with all the luxury and unrealistic units.

The idea of building these islands was to fascinate more tourists. That’s why it has everything that a visitor looks for. World-class hotels, entertainment centres, spas and health centres, marinas, water parks, residential villas, shopping malls, cinema multiplexes, diving sites and what not. Beach lovers can’t resist visiting here. People can see the palm shape up close and it looks surreal. One look at it’s structure, which is covered with beachfront hotels from major brands like Atlantis, St. Regis, Sofitel, Langham, W, and Waldorf-Astoria makes it understandable why Dubai is the fourth-most visited place in the world.

This engineering project is just as imaginable as it sounds. The project of Palm Jumeirah cost $12 billion which today is the native to 1,500 beachfront mansions with a 6,000 apartments on its trunk. Also 12,000 palm trees were planted in there.

These amazing facts about the place makes it more appealing, enchanting and worthwhile.

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