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Best Halloween Destinations In The World

by Priti Sharma

February 13, 2023

You may be wondering where in the globe to go as Halloween approaches. Here are some of the top locations. So, whether Halloween is one of your favorite holidays or you simply enjoy visiting odd, eerie tourist sites, you'll find some of the top Halloween locations around the globe in this post. We discuss places with a long history of Halloween celebrations, areas that play host to well-known Halloween events, and sites that are just eerie, making them ideal for a Halloween getaway (for those with the necessary level of bravery, that is).


Salem, Massachusetts:

We cannot forget about Salem when discussing the top places in the world to celebrate Halloween. The entire city goes into "Halloween mode" over the whole month of October, and there are many "haunted events" happening all over the place. Parades, costume contests, Halloween cruises, several visitor-friendly ghost tours, and more are all available. There are also a few more fascinating places to see, such as the Salem Witch Museum and the House of Seven Gables.

Savannah, Georgia:

In case you weren't aware, Savannah is really regarded as one of the nation's most eerie cities. The city of Savannah is a terrific choice for this list of the greatest Halloween vacation spots since it has a variety of dark tourism attractions that draw visitors all year long. In Savannah, there are several walking ghost tours that are quite popular with tourists, with the ghost & gravestones trolley tour perhaps being the most well-liked one.

Reading, Pennsylvania (Shocktoberfest):

In addition to being named the poorest small city in America in 2011, Reading is renowned for staging the legendary Shocktoberfest, one of the most fantastic Halloween celebrations in the nation. It began as a lone hayride and eventually expanded into a sizable "horror park" that draws thrill-seekers from all over the world. This is one of the top-rated horror attractions in the US, according to ratings. The festival's primary draws include a zombie safari tour, a massacre fright zone, zombie laser tag, and more.

New Orleans, Louisiana:

Our list of the greatest Halloween vacation spots in the US would not be complete without New Orleans, which is said to be one of the most haunted towns in the US. It's a terrific idea to spend Halloween in New Orleans, not only because of the city's haunted locations, intriguing parades, and history of voodoo magic (there is even an entire museum dedicated to this), but also because New Orleans is one of the most quaint towns in the nation.

Isla de la Munecas, Mexico:

El Isla de la Munecas gives the term "scary" a whole new meaning. All of the cities we have discussed in this post so far have a Halloween vibe. One of the spookiest islands in the world, this Mexican island has an interesting past. There was just one person living on this island in the 1950s, and his name was Julian Santana Barrera. He once discovered a young girl's body on the coast. Julian reportedly began hanging dolls from every tree he could locate on the island because the girl's ghost kept bothering him.

Visitors to the islands have reportedly reported seeing the dolls move and whisper at night. To add to the dread, Julian drowned himself on the same site where he found the girl's body several years after finding her body.

Dublin, Ireland:

One of the nicest places in Europe to enjoy Halloween is Dublin. Let's not forget that Ireland is where Halloween first appeared. Samhain, an ancient Celtic feast, was the forerunner of Halloween. Going back to a holiday's origins is usually a pleasant experience since Halloween grew into what we know and love today through time.

Halloween creates an exciting atmosphere throughout Ireland every year, with Dublin hosting one of the most vibrant events. Halloween is celebrated with a variety of gatherings and festivities, and the Irish really know how to party (as you already may know).

Here are a few suggestions you may utilize to have a good time while being mindful of the environment wherever you go for Halloween:

  • As much as you can, reuse! Create your own costumes instead of purchasing them! I recall our return from Northern Ireland. We didn't have much time to get ready. So, one of my pals just transformed an old bed sheet into a ghost outfit! It was excellent!

  • Skip the plastics: If you're planning a party, just use regular cutlery and glasses. Use bamboo or stainless steel straws if you wish to offer beverages with straws. In lieu of carrying the dishes, search for biodegradable plastic substitutes.


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