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Unseen europe: discovering 5 secret gems

by Aparajita Jaiswal

July 16, 2021

Europe is a beloved continent that’s home to insanely gorgeous destinations. It’s a prodigious continent to explore , with lots of smaller haunts that don’t seek much attention as Paris, London or Rome. I mean, its awash with lots of hidden places in Europe. For those of you who like to travel off the beaten path and want to luxuriate their holidays away from the hustle bustle of the cities, then this article is assuredly for you. So let’s discover the undiscovered!

  • Attractions- Les Aux Roses ( restaurant), Chateau du Breull, Chateau d’ Amboise.

OSTUNI, ITALY- One of Italy’s finest gem, a pleasant town with a historic centre that seems as though it has sprung straight out of the pages of a story book. Ostuni is often called as Italy’s White City for a good reason. The Old Town is dazzling white and its stunning architecture makes someone feel as though they’re walking around a Greek Island. Apart from all these, this town , is in fact built atop a hill surrounded by centuries old olive groves and wine yards.

  • How to reach- Fly straight to Brindisi or Bari. Brindisi is the nearest airport located at only 35km from Ostuni.

  • Famous food/fests-FOOD- Cavatelli Pasta, Focaccia with onions, Panzerotti. FEST- Concerti estivi, Sant ‘ Oronzo.

  • Attractions-Centro Storico, Piazzetta Cattedrale, Piazza della Liberta.


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