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We Dare You To Drive On Some Of The Spookiest Roads In India!

by Yashi Srivastava

February 22, 2023

Do you believe in ghosts?

Even if you don’t, you must have heard at least one story where a lady, draped in a white saree, and with sunken eyes as well as shabby bangs, walks down a hauntingly empty road!

Yes? Many of us geeks have also watched a lot of online documentaries and horror movies to get that ghostly feeling around us.

If you’re that interested in paranormal, then it’s time to give those horror movies/stories a break, because we have an exclusive list of dares for you to check off!

That’s right!

All you have to do is jump into your car for your personal horror adventure because there are some roads in India that have their own paranormal history, and we know you would love to uncover the truth behind them all!

So, let’s get going and learn about some of the spookiest roads to drive on before you tell the world about how gutsy you’re for accepting this challenge, and then nailing it too!

1. Kashedi Ghat

Mumbai- Goa Highway

Perhaps the most popular among haunted roads in India, Kashedi Ghat is a stretch on the highway that is usually avoided by the travellers at night! Many people claim that there came to a halt abruptly, and that they get scratches on their bodies while they’re crossing the stretch. Many have also talked about seeing blood-thirsty witches on the highway. Creepy!

The road is simple and smooth, and perfect for people who have motion sickness. We’d suggest you to go for a vehicle with anti-lock braking system and electronic brake force distribution which ensures better control and safety for you.



2. East Coast Road

Chennai- Puducherry Road

This beautiful yet spooky road is believed to be haunted by the ghost of a lady in white. People reckon that they often see a woman wearing white saree trying to distract the drivers, usually during night. People have also complained of sudden drop in temperature while having an encounter with this lady. Apart from that, you can also have little halts at beautiful museums and temples while crossing through this spooky road.

This unwrinkled road will also offer you some spectacular views as you cruise through it. Let your car roar as you drive on this gorgeous road, and let the lady know that you’re there to play! We mean, you don’t want to miss the ‘lady in white’ in any case, do you?  


3. Sathya Mangalam Wildlife Sanctuary

NH-209, Tamil Nadu

Known to be the most haunted road in the state, this place is believed to be haunted by the ghost of Veerappan, the legendary Indian Bandit! People driving through this road often see floating lights and hear people screaming their guts out!


4. Delhi-Cantonment Road

Imagine a woman clad in white saree suddenly appearing on the road you’re driving , and chasing your vehicle at a full speed- that’s what she does on this quite popular road. People have very often also affirmed that their accelerator jams when they pass through this road. Delhi people, are you listening?



5. Barog Tunnel No. 33

Kalka-Shimla Railway Line

Legend has it that during the construction of the tunnel, Col. Barog made a mistake that delayed the construction of the tunnel 33. Government charged him a fine of Rupee 1. It became so humiliating for him, that Colonel fell into depression, and shot himself.


It is said that Colonel is  often seen riding his horse or chatting with people inside the tunnel. Government have also tried to lock the tunnel, but the lock breaks down again and again. Of course, Mr. Barog also needs to see the beauty of the outside world. Visit the tunnel to admire the stunning beauty of Shimla, if not for the ghost of Colonel Barog.

We hope that you are ready to take up this challenge and drive on these spooky roads and let us know what you saw in the comments. Don’t forget to take a camera with you to see if you are able to capture the silhouette or not! We’ll be waiting!

Tired of life’s mundane routine? We dare you to go on an epic drive to these Indian roads that are considered to be haunted!

Blob - Life should be everything but boring. So, how about setting off to these locations for the experience of a lifetime? The fun part is however, not just visiting these places but driving on the roads that lead to the destination. If you are wondering why, the answer is that they are said to be as haunted as they can get. Want to know that truth behind them? Accept this dare, find it out and let us know!

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