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Why Purchase a Ticket to Tokyo?

by Akash Khatri

January 1, 2020

Tokyo, one of the world’s most densely populated cities and the capital of Japan. Tokyo’s advanced reach towards new technology and high population has made it officially bag the title – ‘Tokyo Metropolis.’ Cherry Blossom, being the national symbol of Japan have their own aura and prestige. People await them in the month of April. Their presence is marked by the beginning of their long-standing tradition of welcoming Spring – called Hanami. This festival gives a beautiful message of appreciating the temporary beauty of nature.

The youth of Tokyo express themselves on through street fashion. This alternative street fashion can be found in the Harajuku district of Tokyo. Each of the shops are independently owned. The self-owned cafes have a vibe of their own. All these factors come together to give this street a unique and trendy look. The usual streets of Tokyo present comfort to the travelers in the form of vending machines. Vending machines are available in Tokyo at every twelve-meter distance. Be it hamburgers, clothes, beverages, candies, ice creams or milk packs; everything is available in these magic pockets! Another famous running street of Tokyo is called Tsukiji. Tsukiji is a wholesale fish market. It’s a huge magnetic for all the sea-food lovers. Every morning at sharp 5 o’clock, live tuna auctions are the main attractions. It also attracts the tourists and free tickets for visitors are available to the public every morning at 4am.

A city which has so much to offer, is so densely populated and attracts millions of tourists. This makes the city known for its extremely busy public transportation. Shinjuku station is the largest and busiest railway station in the world. It offers service to average of 3.70 million passengers each day. A dream spot and yet another reason to visit this beautiful city is the famous Tokyo tower. Inspired by Eiffel tower, it was finished in 1958. When talking of dreams, let us imagine Disney land of the U.S. Tokyo Disneyland was the first park outside the U.S. Another rewarding destination is Mount Takao, the most visited mountain in the world. On the other hand, Mount Fuji is only visible 80 days a year!

Also, Tokyo is home to some of the most expensive and acclaimed restaurants world-wide. Aragawa, a renowned steak restaurant is in the basement of an office tower in the Shinbashi district of Tokyo. One of the best reasons for a non-vegetarian food lover to travel in Tokyo is to try new dishes and relish exquisite meals which are available nowhere else. Equally best reason to visit this city is to shop and save on tax. A passport allows one to shop tax free. Roam around freely and peacefully as Tokyo is one of the safest cities to travel to.

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