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Queen’s Land

by Neha Pande

September 1, 2020

Queen’s Land also known as London has magic in its heart like Hogwarts and Fashion in its veins. From London Fashion week to Buckingham Palace, this place is a must visit for all travellers. The best time to visit is either spring when all the natural beauty comes to life like tiny dewdrops early morning or during Christmas to see the snow clad city with Santa’s magic and the beauty of British Christmas.

Tourists are drawn to London’s museums, history, theatre, pubs and the beauty of the Queen’s Land. The only problems that tourists might face is that London is extremely expensive and it rains pretty often so carry your coats and umbrellas.

London is known for many beautiful places to visit, yet tourists have 5 place on their list which everyone visiting London must visit-

The Big Ben which is set in the heart of Parliament Squared and the Houses of Parliament. Big Ben is without a doubt the world’s most famous clock which is right next door to the equally famous Houses of Parliament with the House of Lords and House of Commons.

The Tower of London and the Tower bridge, these two bridges have been used as synonyms all around the world but no the bridges are separate yet both beautifully constructed in their own ways. You’ll have to come to London to visit both the bridges and check out their difference in style.

The Buckingham Palace, the Queen’s residence was built in 1703 as a house for 3rd Earl of Mulgrave but was purchased over in 1761 by King George III and since then it has harboured Royalties and Royal delegates.

The Westminster Alley formally known as Collegiate Church is a large Gothic Abbey Church which is the perfect place to bring out the Goth in You. The church is just nearby the Palace of Westminster which is something which one must check out. It’s the perfect place for some fun Gothic Photoshoot.

Trafalgar Square is in the heart of London and is a large pedestrian square with the beautiful statue of Admiral Lord Nelson on a large Collin with four statues of lions around him. This square celebrates the Battle of Trafalgar fought in 1805. One of the best features of this square is the National Art Gallery facing it.

Other than that you need to go Museum hopping to satisfy your intellect and London is known for its museums and artefacts from all around Europe. Many museums like Tate, City Museums , National Gallery, Historical museum are free! So you don’t have to spend a single penny to visit!

Theatres, authentic and fusion delectables, Brick Lane for pictures, The London eye, Cathedrals etc are other things you can not miss if you are in London. You especially can not miss the beautiful gardens and pubs for some amazing selfies, fun and booze.

If you are visiting London then the main mode of transportation are subways or buses, if you feel like spending a bit more than you can take cabs but it’s better to get a subway card if you are visiting for a while and splurge the savings on shopping as London is also known as one of the shopping centrals so don’t miss out a chance to shop for top brand clothing which are in style.

The best way to visit London or any other city is to explore and to talk to the locals. Locals know more about the city than the internet can ever tell you. So explore, interact and have fun!


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